Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Building Chicken Coop

The Humanitarian missionary couple - Elder and Sister Whitehead, came to Junction yesterday and helped the branch members to build a chicken coop. We will build nine more for members and non-member neighbors! Here is Sister Whitehead and Elder Smith standing on the block foundation and floor that Sister Ellington's neighbors helped her to get ready for the building crew! Our Sister Missionaries, Sister Everett and Sister Walker learned how to hand saw. The walls going up - back and front. Elder and Sister Smith with the work going on behind!


  1. I loved seeing these! Noah was fascinated too. What a blessing in so many ways. Seeing the grass roots humanitarian service of the church is so inspiring! Love and miss you! Mom- I love your tshirt.

  2. One of the YSA men wore his YSA Conference tee shirt - when he saw mine (Aunt Becky gave it to me before we came!) - he said I should be able to run fast with that shirt on!!! I don't think so - but it was a fun comment in the middle of building a chicken coop!

  3. I love your new profile picture!! Amazing all the ways the Church helps people. Looks like you are having fun!!