Monday, March 28, 2011

Sister Richardson - YW President

This is our sweet YW President - she and her husband are expecting their first baby in July. They are moving to another island for work and our YW will miss her! Elder Smith and I were privileged to teach them the Temple Prep lessons... the last few weeks. They want to go to the temple and be sealed before the baby comes - they got married last May so they have to wait until then...we will miss them a lot! but are excited for them.

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  1. Associations with a Gospel base are the sweetest. I can see a lot of love in this group and can almost feel how fun it would be to know these sweet sisters. We love our soldiers for the same reason -- all of us have one thing in common, the Lord. That's a terriffic picture of you sitting on that wall -- reminds me of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii.