Wednesday, March 2, 2011


On Tuesday, we were cleaning up the church building - usually do it on Monday, but we had a Play Day on Monday this week! We got a call that one of our members - a teenager who come to Seminary more than any other students - was taken to the hospital from school in Highgate - about 50 Klm away. We drove there and found her in a hallway - no beds available - getting an IV drip. She had an aunt visit from another island who had heard about a cholera alert - so she put bleach in the water bottle in the fridge - apparently too much bleach! It made Jody-Ann sick. Jody's mother was with her so we didn't plan to stay long. Jody did want a blessing - so Elder Smith used his portable consecrated oil and did both the annointing and blessing - it was at the end of a hallway and a little bit private...or so we thought. After we said our goodbye's we walked outside and a young lady came up to us. "May I have a prayer also?" she asked. I asked her what for? "For deliverance" - she said. "Deliverance from what? I asked.
"From stress" - was her answer. So Elder Smith said a nice prayer for her, in the courtyard of the hospital. I love it when total strangers can feel and sense the power of the Priesthood and desire it in their lives. Neat experience - glad Jody wasn't held overnight - we met them from the bus they took back to Ochie and helped them get two prescriptions at the drug store. We really enjoy being shepherds to the flock!


  1. You are blessing so many lives both here and in Jamaica!!

  2. THanks for sharing this. I really enjoy hearing about your spiritual experiences. I am glad Jody-Ann is ok. I have to admit I hope neither of you need a hospital while you are there. :)