Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anika Goes to College

 We got to visit with some great friends from Ocho Rios today.  Sister Alexander is the Primary President and her daughter Anika moved to Kington to attend the University of Technology.
 WE met Anika's friends Samantha and Denik - such beautiful girls...they will come to school here next year, they said.
 Here is the hallway, and dining table - kitchen below -- lots of stairs!
Anika's room is on the third floor - no elevator - kind of a 'forced fitness' deal - I wonder if all freshman live on the top floors?  It was fun to be involved on a college campus again - especially on freshman moving into the dorms day!  Lots of parents, little siblings and happy smiles - including ours.  It will be fun for the next two weeks to have Anika in the same town as we are!!  She wants to be an accountant and is an excellent student - she will do well.

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  1. I appreciate posts like this so much more after being in Jamaica. Exciting! Fun you got to share it. xo