Monday, May 21, 2012

Junction 'Care' Package

Last Wednesday we had mission wide transfers ... all the missionaries who are moving meet at the Spanish Town Chapel - meet their new companion and then travel back to their areas of the island. The AP's and the Office Elders help out since they both drive pick up trucks and can haul suitcases and bicycles. This last Wednesday when they got back to the office they had a box from the Saints in Junction for the Smiths! Yay! just look at all the fresh veggies and watermelon - all tasted yummy and we were touched that Brother Gayle would do that for us...he makes a living selling fruits and vegetables - so his giving so many to us was really a sacrifice and we love him for it! Marcus sent a short note with it - he is learning so much - now can write and read pretty good for just a year or two of learning.


  1. what a gift! looks delicious. some day I will learn to grow veggies like this. Our peas, radishes and lettuce are yummy so far. xo

  2. That is what a care package is all about!! YUMMY!!!