Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teaching Reading

We had the opportunity today to go out to an area called Tryall and teach another reading lesson to Bro. Gayle and Marcus. One of the little neighborhood girls is named Brenda, she is crippled and mentally disadvantaged. She is usually smiling and happy and I brought her some balloons from our branch activity. As we were teaching some other children came around to sit on the porch with us. The oldest girl is named Carolyn, (I think) and her little sister - Jillian. They can both read better than Marcus - but he wasn't embarrassed - I am so proud of how hard he has worked to learn - he is now reading about 1st - 2nd grade level books with a little bit of help. He turned 15 in December and can't go to night school until he is 16 - but he is planning on going next year. The little boy's name is Damian ... and he can't read and doesn't go to school. They begin Infant School at 3 years old, Primary School at 5. But those who can't afford it just don't go - so sad. Be grateful for all your opportunities to gain an education!!

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